Two Sisters - ...Twice as Clean
  If you dream of walking into a professionally cleaned home at the end of a hectic work day... look no further. You can choose from a variety of programs that will meet your needs. All regular programs require a first time deep clean. This is very important for the ongoing care of your home.
      *Rates and hours are based on one person*
                           All prices are subject to GST
 First visit before regular service, $35/hr per person.
 Move-Out & One-time, $35-40/hr per person.
Once we know your home's needs we will charge you a flat rate per visit.
  •  Minimum Charge, $90
  • Weekly & bi-weekly: most homes, $90 - $150.
  • First time cleans take at least 5-10 man hours. Each home is unique in size, condition and special requirements. Most
    homes$150 - $300.
We pride ourselves on our flexibility and willing to work with our client's individual needs. You can receive a specialized program tailored just for you, for as little as $90! Contact us today and let's get started!
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